More Trips To and From Work

May 8 and 9, 2006

Since I had two relatively boring days to and from work, I thought I would condense, and keep it short.

Monday offered nothing special either way, the weather has been pleasant, with lows in the 60's and highs in the 70's. The sky was clear both days, but Tuesday was clouding up in the west, and few raindrops hit me on my way home. I don't know how I do it, but when I need to get a mile east, and out of the rain, I get behind the slowest drivers in the world!! I mean, I know it is raining, but you don't have to do half the speed limit, it is safe! The road wasn't even wet, as the rain was evaporating when hit the ground.

Tuesday I was also in a hurry to get home, get the Big Chrome Exhaust Pipe off, and get the bike wheel off. I was getting a new tire mounted. The last time I bought a rear tire, less than a year ago, I think it cost me about 200 dollars for the tire, and about 25 dollars to have it mounted and balanced. Yes, 225 Dollars for a tire that lasted less than 10,000 miles, and less than 12 months!! For this reason, I began listening to those who took the alternative, affectionately known as going Dark Side. I had purchased a 205/55-16 Car Tire to have mounted on the bike. Many that have tried this have said they have the same handling, however you have to get used to it, but get 30,000 miles or more from their tire! Plus, the tire set me back, that is an overstatement, 62 bucks!

After dinner, a little work, and a short drive across town to a little shop, I arrived, and the guy got to work right away on my tire. I was surprised at the two load pops of the tire seating on the beads. I was back home by 8:00, and put the bike back together. It was still before 9, so I backed it out of the garage, and ran up and down the street. I could tell a difference, but it was grooving on the pavement very nicely. In fact, after a trip up and down the street, and weaving in the church parking lot, I have to say, I liked the way it felt. I was getting used to the feeling very easily, and very quickly. I didn't really notice the harder counter steer, as much as I noticed that it really came back up and straight for going down the road.

So after my 2 mile or so test run, I put the bike up, and went inside to do some paper work.

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