Liquid Sunshine, sigh.

May 17, 2006

I thought that April Showers were to bring May Flowers? Apparently the lack of April Showers meant that they moved into month of May. I blame Daylight Saving Time! I haven't posted in a while because we have had 11 straight days of rain here in the Racing Capital of the World, and today was day 11.

I scanned many weather reports, and they all seemed to agree that the rain was not going to move in until after 5pm. Since the TV Station I work at was having a picnic at Victory Field, home of the Indians Baseball Team, the Indianapolis Indians, not those other guys, I knew I could sneak out a little early, and get home at 4:55. That would give me five minutes to spare until the storms hit.

I took off in the morning, in a heavy fog, and on my car tired motorcycle. I am still getting used to the car tire on the rear of the bike, as I only have about 2 miles on it. Like any new tire, it takes about 100 miles to scrub it in, and about 1000 miles before I feel comfortable with it. The fog cleared quite a bit as I approached downtown. I ended up dragging the floorboards once or twice. I have noticed lately a lot of construction site just are not giving any warning of lane closure recently. I actually had to drive through a construction are that was barricaded, in the truck, not on the bike, because there was no warning, and the car in front of swerved over at the last minute. I thought there were laws about that!

Anyway, I am doing a lot of venting today? I did make it to work, and parked the bike.

Shortly after noon, I decided to head out, and make my way to the Indianapolis Zoo and White River Gardens, were I would park, and then make the medium length hike the ballpark. Before I headed to the diamond, I decided to pay a visit inside the White River Gardens. I had never been there, despite the fact that Nina, my partner, had been working there for the past 6 months or so. Nina was apparently at lunch, but even after 1 o'clock, I still didn't run into her. I did have a good time walking around, and seeing the areas she had been describing over the last few weeks. I walked around in the butterfly exhibit, several of them swooped down on me, and then floated over. A woman was doing a distance learning uplink with a class, as I could see her talking to a camera, and they had signs about video going on posted around.

The call to Play Ball would ring out at 2pm, so I needed to make my way to the park. As I was walking along Washington Street, a carload of female employees honked at me as they went by. It has been quite sometime since this has happened, I owe someone a thank you!

I lounged around in our section, sitting in three different places so I could talk to different groups of people. I was able to pick up a tee shirt, a blonde gal heaved her best to get into the upper deck, and it ended up trickling through a hole in the railing along the front row of seats. A one in a million shot, if I may say so. I also won a 10 dollar gift card to a local eatery.

At 4pm, the game seemed lost, as the good guys were down 7 to 4 to the best team in the league, managed by a former player of the Indians. A kind of legend her in the Circle City - Razor Shines. The skies in the west were darkening, and I decided to head out. A couple of my co-workers joined in the walk, and we could see the rain falling off in the distance.

I pulled onto Washington Street, a straight shot to home. My first encounter was at West Street, the corner of the stadium, and a cop trying to direct traffic. I think we would have been better off if had just let the lights take car of it. All he succeeded in doing was getting traffic off the other lights, so we ended up stopping at ever one. The speed made sure the storms were heading east faster than I was. Guess what, or should I say Guess Wet?!

Needless to say I took a bath waiting at red lights, and trying to get around the idiots that were going from 15 to 25mph in a light rain!! But the rain got heavier! The drivers got dumber!! It was as if they had never driven in rain ever before, and this elongated my trip. By the time I got home, I was soaked through to my underwear! So much for scrubbing in a new tire! I must say that I had superior grip with the car tire!

When I got home, I quickly put the bike in the garage, and the dog and I waited out the heavy rain, until sun shone, and the precipitation dwindled to a sprinkle. I have no idea how nasty the bike looks, I guess I will find out soon enough. I need to clean it, and change the oil, as well as a few other mods this Saturday. If the weather holds, I will be riding on Sunday, with a group!


Cowtown Pattie said…
So, inquiring minds wanna know - what screenprint was on the teeshirt? Led Zepplin Lives?

Gumby and Pokey Are Really Figments?

Ahhh, Marathon does call. Can't you hear the whisper?
Digital Rodney said…
Nothing too special. It has the Tribe logo on the front, and the schedule on the back. Almost looks like a concert T-Shirt. No "Sold Out" embossed on any of the dates, however.

I keep hearing a ripple of a phrase calling be back to San Antonio and the river walk.
Anonymous said…
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