Ride to Eat, Eat to Ride

Sunday, May 28, 2006 RACE DAY!

As every Sunday before Memorial Day, the eyes of the world turn to Indianapolis, 33 Drivers, and 500 miles. For the past few years, the race had been plagued with lukewarm weather. This year would be gruelling in its own way: heat. The forecast was for mostly sunny skies, and a tempertures near 90. Last summer in Indianapolis, it never got warmer than 90, I think it hit 90 degrees twice, but never topped it. Here it is over three weeks until Summer, and we have our second threat at that mark.

Despite the glory of the day, we were still meeting for breakfast at Shapiro's Downtown. As with Mother's Day, I figured it would be busier than a normal Sunday Morning. Not only was I right, I was right about our table, also. It had been several weeks since we needed to bring in a third table, but I think we had four going before all was said and done.

There seemed to be less talk about ailments, and more talk about riding this week. I am not sure if the surgeries are working, or if it is just the weather.

The morning meal was also cut short by the fact that the leader of this institution was leading a "Mystery Ride". That is a ride were only the road captain knows where the ride is going. Kind of like most of my rides happen on accident. I was not going to be able to go, as Nina had committed me to help her step mom with her new house. At least I could listen to the race while I worked.

I returned home along the usually route, I-70 to 465 to Washington Street. I had enough time to read all the way through the Indianapolis Star, including a race preview section.

Shortly before noon, Nina called, and said the Church Lunch Bunch was meeting at Blimpie. I wasn't really that hungry, but a bowl of one of their soups sounded good. I hopped back on the bike, and rode the short stretch, only a mile or so, over to Blimpie, only to see that they were closed. A friend from the church showed up, and suggested a place she and I both like better over all, Penn Station. Nina rolled up, top down on her Cabriolet, shortly after our decision. Another car rolled in soon after. The convoy moved to the other sub shop.

The ride home was short, and even thought I had only turned about 20 miles, I was able to Ride to Eat, Eat to Ride twice in the same day.

Storms are predicted in the afternoon for Indy the rest of the week. I can only hope they push through, or hold off on Thursday until I can get north of them, and hopefully to Mackinaw City. I hope to get pictures along the way!!


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